8 School Fundraising Ideas


The need for school fundraising never seems to stop. But it can be a challenge for any PTA committee to keep coming up with fresh fundraising ideas that will inspire students, parents and the local community.

Here are a few ideas to help you regenerate your fundraising activities.

  • Hold an online auction

Ask students, parents or local businesses to donate items, experiences or professional services. You can vary the amounts from small to high ticket items to ensure a range of people can participate. Then build and promote your online auction via Facebook, Twitter and of course physically in your town. You can also tie it into a live auction if you want to create a fun event that everyone will remember.

  • Try a brick fundraiser

If you’re raising funds for a specific building project, offer people the opportunity to buy personalised bricks. These are engraved with their name or a message of their choice. A brick fundraiser is a fantastic way to help people feel that they are making a permanent contribution to a school or community.

  • Hold a winter or summer carnival

While this can take a fair amount of organisation, carnivals are huge amounts of fun for the whole community and can raise a lot of money. Come up with various games and activities for students and families, such as snow bowling in the winter, or an obstacle course in summer. Then, you can sell tickets in advance.

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  • Flea market

Organise a school-wide flea market where pupils and families can bring anything they want to sell. This could include old toys, books, clothes, or furniture. Try and establish separate tables for each type of item to help keep things organised.

  • Hold a quiz night

Ask people to organise themselves into teams, decide on a specific theme, and then create a list of questions around that subject. You’ll need a volunteer quiz master you can keep everything running smoothly while also injecting a bit of fun into the evening.

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  • Create a talent show

Imagine creating a local X-Factor show for your school. This enables students to showcase their talents while you can also select teachers to sit on the judging panel. (Encourage the judges to keep their comments comical where possible to add to the entertainment). Then, sell tickets for friends and family to watch. You can also sell refreshments to add to the profits.

  • Hold a dance-a-thon

Invite students and their families to take part in a dance-a-thon. They can bet on how long each other will stay on the dance floor. Ensure you have plenty of music lined up in case the event goes on for longer than you anticipated! Also make sure refreshments are on sale for thirsty dancers.

  • Start a ‘give it up’ challenge

Encourage teachers and members of the faculty to pledge to ‘give up’ something for a week if they raise a certain amount. This could be anything from coffee to something more personal, depending on the teacher. Then, encourage students and their families to make small donations to reach this target.


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