Injection Molding Training: Is It Necessary?


Not too many people can say they work in injection molding. The industry is very niche and one that requires a lot of skill and expertise. As a result, you might have heard voices in the industry bang on about the need for training. ‘You cannot succeed if you don’t train properly,’ they say. But, are they right? Do injection molding engineers need to invest in training, or can they get by without? Let’s have a look and see if there is a definitive answer.


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It is an undeniable fact that injection molding is a dangerous job. As a technician, you are putting your life, or your body at the very least, in harm’s way. Any industrial job is hazardous, and injection molding is no different. Thanks to injection molding training, you can lower the risk of an incident in the workplace. The trainers will show you how to handle the equipment safely and securely so that you don’t hurt yourself while working. Without training, you may be one wrong move away from an accident.

Training in any form also adds to the worker’s knowledge. As a professional, you will know a lot about injection molding. But, that doesn’t mean you know everything about it because there is always room to learn. There are people in the industry that can provide you with nuggets of information that can increase your knowledge. The next time you go into work, you will know much more about your job role than you did before. Why is that important? It is important because knowledge is power.

Knowledge is also important because it increases your level of skill. The more knowledgeable you are, the better you become at your job. The reason that experts are experts is because of their experience. They have been there and done it, so they know what to do in any given situation. The same goes for you when you go to a training course. Afterward, you can walk back into the factory and do things that you could never do before. If there is one benefit of training that you should value, it is this one.


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However, some people don’t agree. Some people believe that training is a waste of time because you might not learn anything new. There are lots of instances where employees go to training sessions only to go over the same subjects. At the end of the day, that is a massive waste of time that could be spent working and making a difference to your job. If the quality of the training is not high, it tends to be a waste of time.

And, when the quality is high, the cost is high too. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that lots of workers cannot afford the sessions. The best ones are very expensive and can be in the thousands. Everyone wants to be better at their job, but no one wants to break the bank at the same time.


Training is without a doubt very important in the world of injection molding. Although there are negatives, the positives are much more significant.


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