So, You Want to Become a Web Developer?


Becoming a web developer can see you on the road to a rewarding and enriching career. There is something of a shortage when it comes to kick ass web developers. With the global economy focussing on e-commerce and the Internet, becoming a web developer is a savvy route to take. Should you possess the right skills, you will be much sought after in your new career. Now, companies all over the world want amazing web developers.

So, how do you become a web developer?

Let’s find out.

Your Personal Qualities

Before you embark on a career of  web development, it’s important to recognise what personal qualities you need. You will need to be computer literate. While you may not need formal qualifications, an undergraduate degree in IT can help you hone your craft. You can then choose to take on professional qualifications as you work, such as a salesforce developer certification. Academic and vocational qualifications aside, you will need to ensure that you have a good head for problem solving. Patience will certainly be a virtue in this career path. You need to have a methodical approach to your work. You will need to make sure that you are aware of customer needs when it comes to the world wide web.

Starting Out

Skills, personal attributes and qualifications are the start. But, if you are keen to become a web developer, you need to start with the basics. HTML and CSS are the basics of web development. You don’t have to learn this in an academic institution. Rather, you can be self-taught. Many of the world’s greatest web developers don’t have a formal HTML qualification. So, make sure that you are practicing your craft where possible. HTML and CSS are the most fundamental forms of developing. So, learn these, and you will have a great base to learn more intricate forms of developing. Try not to focus too hard on which language is best to learn from. Once you have established the core skills from one language, you will be able to learn them all in time.


Matt Biddulph

One of the key things that you must do is to develop an understanding of the web. Web standards vary. But, ultimately, you need to be aware of this before you embark on your career. This will ensure that you can troubleshoot, and problem solve in a more efficient way.

Specialists versus Generalists

While you are a fledgling to the world of web development, it’s worth thinking about what area of development you want to go into. Do you want to have a specialism? Or, would you prefer to be more general in your approach? Do you want to work for a large corporation? Or do you want to be a freelancer? You can get into coding, development or design. Think about your niche and go with it. Corporations call for more specialist skill sets. Freelancers, on the other hand, need to be more generalist in their approach. Once you have found your niche, you are in an excellent place to start working.



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